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Frequently Asked Questions:

Some Questions we get asked:

1 -  How do I carve out the Time to attend?

       o We know that successful people are busy - we all are. But the really successful people know that they need to invest in themselves and others to create long lasting success.


2 -  Will I get value out of the money that I spend?

       o First, the gift bags alone are worth more than the price of admission.

       o You will be learning directly from some of the top teachers, speakers, and trainers in their field, in the world.

       o You will network with many successful and like minded people like yourself

       o Even one success tip can rapidly grow your business – but most people get SEVERAL great success tips

3 -  Will this really help my business grow?

       o You will get out of this event, exactly what you put into it   

       o What we guarantee is that you will learn from the top experts in their field, have a chance to ask questions, and that you will have the opportunity to meet several hundred new contacts via networking.


4 - Am I going to experience enough of something that is new, fun and different?

      o Absolutely – By attending event you will:  

      o Learn from people like:  

           - Jack Canfield

           - Tai Lopez

           - Ashton Kutcher

           - Jay Abraham

           - Greg Reid  

           - Brian Smith (Founder of UGG Boots)


      o You will also get to MEET these successful people

      o This is a MAGNET for Media    

      o Photo opps

      o Social Media

      o Entertainment media

      o Business Media

      o You will get to “Walk the Red Carpet” at City Gala


5 -  Where does the money go?   

      o The City Summit:

            - Supports the funding of the Gala, which is the primary funding for Global Unity and our approved benefitting charities.

            - The Summit is what creates the environment for the Gala (which takes place on the 3rd evening)